On your Club page you will get some basic information about your Club and besides that here you have access to some customization options for your Club that will enable you to make your team stand out from all the rest.

Club Info

Here you will get the basic information about your team like: The Overall strength of your Team Club Name (this is also where you can change your Club Name) You’re Country The League your team is currently playing in The Name of your Arena (with the option to change your Arena Name) Your username The City where your team is from The date when your team was founded and The current number for your Fan Club Other options that you have access to on this page are the options to edit your Team Jersey and your Team Emblem.


Here is the option to Edit your Team Emblem and create a Emblem that is unique just for you.


Another option that you have access to on this page is the options to create your Team Jersey with a unique App (Basketball Jersey Editor for android and MBT Companion for iOS) that gives you the option to create hundreds of different Jersey combinations or buy a new Jersey from the Jersey Store.

Club History

Where you have a detailed history of your teams achievements in your National Competition thru the seasons.

Transfer History

Is a detailed list of all the players you bought, sold and fired from your team.


Here is a list of your players with all of their statistic information achieved in various competitions and in all the seasons they played for your team.

Team Analysis

This is a very power full tool that helps you analyze your opponents and their tactics. With this tool you will get information about your opponent that will help you determine his playing habits, where and when he likes to play with a certain player, what players shoot to most and what players have mostly defensive roles. This tool when used correctly is a great help to every manager.