Development Roadmap

MBT Development Roadmap.jpg

Road-map for future development and milestones

Mobile app

Now that the mobile app has been released for Android devices our next task is to finish the app for iOS devices and we expect it to come out soon. We plan to further improve the functionality of the application and also gradually add other features to the app to make it be more functional and better. The release of the mobile app was just the start, this is a much bigger plan to reach more users and increase MBT popularity and visibility to a much greater audience.

Tactic screen in Mobile App

Personal Messages

This is a feature a lot of you have been waiting for. Currently, while the developers are working hard on this feature and we are also looking at several possible solutions on how to integrate this feature best in MBT. Our intention is not to just give you personal messages but to take it one step further and give you the best possible platform for communicating with other managers.

Chat popup design

Player customization

Customizing players, giving them a cool new look, choosing hairstyles and awesome tattoos, making them stand out from all the rest is certainly something that will not make them perform better but will make your players stand out from all the rest in a very unique way. Customization is not going to be limited to players only, but also to your teams Arena giving you many options to make your arena one of a kind. This is also one feature that has been asked for a lot in the past.

Unofficial matches

Under this tag we consider all practice matches, custom Leagues, Custom Cupโ€™s, and all other unofficial matches that your team is going to be able to play, so you can test your players and different tactical options without the fear of injuring players or getting additional fatigue.

Play by play and Engine V2

Here will be the first set of engine improvements and additions to the live games. We plan to make watching live games much more fun and intense and add the actual commentary instead of the current system of listing events. We will add a lot more description of what is going on the court so you can actually see your tactics play out on the court and your players try to follow your instructions. We also plan to add more advanced game mechanics like the last 2 minutes will be played more realistically and depending on the score the losing team will make fouls and will shoot more 3 pointers in an attempt to catch up to the opponent etc.

National Teams

Our plan here is to add Senior National selections as well as U21 and U18 national teams. Yes, we will add a World cup and other competitions in which the national selections will compete. This will, of course, mean adding the mechanics of choosing the National team coach, selecting players for the NT and all the other things that are a prerequisite for the NT.

2D Match

The 2D match engine will be the precursor to the 3D match engine which is our final goal. The 2D engine is planned to show the whole match in 2D along with all the player movements and actions. This will be a very complex and difficult task and it will set the very important groundwork for the 3D engine. The 2D engine is going to later be the basis for the 3D engine.

3D Match

This is the ultimate goal in MBT live game presentation. Our goal is for you to be able to see your players in full 3D and watch the whole match as it develops in a 3D environment. We have already done some mockup tests to see the possibility of this and to test the complexity of this task. We feel that we can do this but before we can start this very difficult and expensive task we will need your support and help so that MBT can grow and get to the point where we will have all the recourses necessary to undertake this complex but achievable task.

3D Match