This is where you will be able to keep track of your Income and expenses and keep your Clubs finances in order. You have two tabs Overview and TV Rights.

Finance Overview

This is a general overview of all your teams income and expenses. This is where you can see how much you are getting from your sponsor, how much you are making from tickets (for the current week) and also from merchandise, all the money you make from certain prizes and from selling players will also be shown here. All you expenses are also listed here and you will see how much money from your teams budget you spent on transfers, fines, how much is going on the players’ salaries, how much on your facilities as well as a detailed account how much of the money spent on facilities is going on maintenance of facilities, how much on the scout and how much on the players that are currently in a certain facility.

TV Rights

You have four different contracts for TV Right and every one will bring you a different amount of tokens every week. All TV Rights contracts last one week and have to be signed again after the Week Update. The four contracts are very different and when choosing which one to sign you should read every one carefully because based these contracts give you free Tokens and you should always make sure you have signed your TV Rights Contract.