International competitions

In My Basketball team besides National Competitions like the National League and National Cup we have International competitions as well. The most prominent is the Champions League but right after it comes the Cup Winners Cup, and then Regional League.

Champions League

Cl bracket.PNG

Only the first 15 ranked countries by Division Hardiness secure a direct place in the Champions League and the first 8 countries secure 2 direct places in the Champions League. Other countries have a guaranteed place in the qualifications round for the Champions League. The places that guarantee a direct place are marked in the top division of all countries by green color and places that secure a place in the qualifications round are marked in blue. (This applies only on teams from the highest division of a country and only the teams from the highest division can qualify for the Champions League)

Depending on the DH of every Top Division all countries get their international ranking that will determines if that country will have one or more than one participants in the Champions League.

- First four countries get 2 direct places in the Champions League and 1 place in the qualification round.

- Countries ranked from 5th to 8th place get 2 direct places in the Champions League

- Countries ranked from 9th to 15th place get 1 direct place and 1 place in the qualifications round.

- Countries ranked from 16th to 27th place get 2 places in the qualifications round.

- All the rest get one place in the qualifications round.

The team that wins the Champions League secures a direct place for the next seasons Champions League.

The Champions League is made up of a qualification round and two group stages. Teams that win their brackets in the qualifications round progress through to the first group phase.

The first group phase is made up of 8 groups with 4 teams per group. Only one game is played against each of the teams, and only the first two teams progress through to the second group phase, while the last two teams are eliminated. The two teams that progress to the next phase will make a new group with another two teams that have qualified from another group. The two teams that come from the same group will not play against each other again because the result from their game in the first group phase will be carried over into the second group phase.

This is why it is important to try and win all the games in the first group phase!

In the second group phase another two games will be played (one with each new team) after which the first two teams will progress through to the Playoff phase and the last two teams are eliminated.

Eight teams’ progress to the playoff phase and after three playoff rounds the Champions League Winner is crowned! Only one game is played per round in the playoff phase!

List of CL champions

Season Champion Manager Country
7 Emblem-Zalgiris Power.png Žalgiris Power sigis Lithuania
8 Emblem-Foo Fighters.png Foo Fighters nebans Serbia
9 Emblem-Empty.png The Shield axl_rose Serbia
10 Emblem-Tigers on Fire.png Tigers on Fire waltex Latvia
11 Emblem-Foo Fighters.png Foo Fighters nebans Serbia
12 Emblem-Foo Fighters.png Foo Fighters nebans Serbia
13 Emblem-Foo Fighters.png Foo Fighters nebans Serbia
14 Emblem-the dalton brothers.png the dalton brothers pjotor Croatia
15 Emblem-BandofBrothers.png KK Band of Brothers wallacebgd Serbia

Cup Winners Cup

Cup Winners Cup is planed to be the second international competition. This feature is not yet in the development.

Regional Leagues


Regional Leagues is planned to be the third international competition. This feature is in the development.

The Regional Leagues are made up of teams from several countries that are coming from the same region. This very exciting and dynamic competition gives an opportunity to teams (that don’t qualify for the Champions League) to play against each other.

The System of competition is the same as CL. 32 teams in the first group stage, 16 teams in the second group stage, 8 teams in the playoff stage.

Regional Leagues have multiple levels, there are 5 divisions with a total of 160 teams from 5 different countries.

Countries that have higher DH (Top Division), have more teams in higher divisions.

1st Regional League : 7,7,6,6,6

2nd Regional League : 7,6,7,6,6

3th Regional League : 6,7,7,6,6

4th Regional League : 6,6,6,7,7

5th Regional League : 6,6,6,7,7

The group draw is random.

North America Championship
Canada Canada
Mexico Mexico
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Venezuela Venezuela
South America Championship
Argentina Argentina
Brasil Brasil
Chile Chile
Colombia Colombia
Uruguay Uruguay
Western European Championship
Belgium Belgium
France France
Netherlands Netherlands
Portugal Portugal
Central European Championship
Austria Austria
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Slovakia Slovakia
Germany Germany
Switzerland Switzerland
Mediterranean Championship
Greece Greece
Italy Italy
Israel Israel
Spain Spain
Turkey Turkey
Adriatic Championship
Bosnia Bosnia
Croatia Croatia
F.Y.R. of Macedonia F.Y.R. of Macedonia
Serbia Serbia
Slovenia Slovenia
Eastern Europe Championship
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Romania Romania
Albania Albania
Hungary Hungary
Poland Poland
Scandinavian Championship
Denmark Denmark
Finland Finland
Iceland Iceland
Norway Norway
Sweden Sweden
Baltic Championship
Estonia Estonia
Latvia Latvia
Lithuania Lithuania
Russia Russia
Ukraine Ukraine
Asian Championship
China China
India India
Japan Japan
South Korea South Korea
Thailand Thailand
Rest of the World Championship
Australia Australia
New Zealand New Zealand
Philippines Philippines
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Senegal Senegal
South Africa South Africa

3 point Contest

3 Point Contest screenshot

This exciting external app that you can download for your mobile device, gives you a chance to test your skills as well as your players against other managers and against some of the best 3 Point shooters in MBT.

The Three Point Contest lets you chose a player from your team and take control of him so with him you can try to score as many three pointers as you can.

You will be shooting from five set positions with 5 balls on each position and the last ball on every position being the money ball that counts double, except the last rack where all the balls are money balls. You will have one minute to do this and you should try to shoot the balls and score as much as you can within the time given. You can shoot as many times as you like and with as many players as you want.

All the scores you achieve will be counted and compared to the scores of other managers. The best point shooter at the end of the week will be awarded with 10 Tokens and scores from every week will be counted in the Season three point standings.

3 Point Contest on Google Play 3 Point Contest on App Store