It is very important to know what will happen to a team if the manager stoops logging in. If a manager does not log in for 40 days his team will be flagged for becoming a bot team, and if he does not log in before the end of the season at the end of the season this team will become a bot and all of the players from this team will be sent to the transfer market. The user can re-activate his user account with all the tokens he had before he stooped logging in but he will get a new team.

Manager Information

Information about a manager that can be found on this page is: Nickname, Profile picture (here is where you can change your profile picture), email (this is the email you provided and used to create your account), Career Started date (the exact date your career started on MBT), PRO subscription expiration date (if you are a PRO user here you can see the expiry date for your PRO subscription).

Manager Settings

Here you can also choose your Time Zone, and depending on where you come from and what measurements are used in your country you can choose if you want your players Height and Weight to be displayed in Centimeters and Kilograms or Inches and Pounds. You can change your current password, and you can select what notifications are important to you so that you will be immediately notified when they pop up like: When somebody overbids you on a player, when a match is about to start, when training occurred โ€ฆ etc (only mobile version).

PRO subscription

The PRO subscription gives you some additional options in the game and makes your gaming experience much more pleasurable. When you become a PRO user you will get access to Friendly Default Tactic (you will no longer need to set tactics for friendly games, your team will always play with the tactic set as the Friendly Default), additional slots for saving tactics, you will get training information about your players (how many trainings they received on what skill and when they popped in skill), advanced statistic page where you can see all the advanced stats for all the players, the Team Analysis tool, all the statistics from all the Divisions, Division Leaders (best players by certain statistical element) and NO Ads!


This is a detailed list of the users that have registered via your referral link and exactly how much Tokens you earned from every one of your referrals.