In MBT we have several different types of matches like: National League matches, Champions League Matches and Friendly matches.

National League matches are played three times a week and always in a fixed date and time. Matches are played always at 20.00h and on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. These terms are always reserved for League matches.

Friendly matches can be played on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and these terms are reserved for friendly matches. The time that friendly matches are played at can vary and it depends on the team you are playing against. Because of the difference in time zones certain teams have only a short window for playing Friendly games, this depends on the country the teams are coming from. The greater the difference in the time zones the smaller the window for scheduling and playing friendly games.

Champions League matches are played on Friday and the time they are played can also vary because of the time difference between certain Countries. Only teams that qualify play in the Champions League.

Matches can end with a technical result as a result of two things: One team did not have enough players for the match and the match was canceled One team brought way to few players to a match and the players got fouled out or injured so that team did not have enough players to finish the match.


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