National competitions

All users in My Basketball Team are divided by counties and play in the National League of the country they are from. The National League is the main competition in MBT in which all users take part in. It is also the basis for all other competitions as teams secure their participation in other competitions trough the National Competition.

National League

In MBT we have a classic League system made up of 12 teams that play each other 2 (twice), so every team has one home and one away match to play with all the teams in his Division. After all teams have played each other twice based on their standings in the League the Champion of the Division is decided.

There can be only one Champion for every country and that is the team that wins the TOP Division in that country.

All Countries have their national league competitions that are made up of a different number of Divisions depending on the number of users a country has. Countries that have more users accordingly have more Divisions than countries that have fewer users. However, the strength of the Top Division is not dependent on the number of users but rather on the strength of the teams playing in it.

National League

The national Competition is a pyramidal structure with every higher level division having two lower level divisions below it.

Division Structure

After the end of every season, 4 (four) teams that finish at the bottom of the Division will be relegated from the upper Division in to the lower Division. These 4 (four) relegation places are marked clearly in every Division with a red color.

All teams that finish in first and second place in every division except the Top division will have secured the promotion in the higher Division. These places are marked with a green color.

Only the Top Division can have one or two green places marked because after the end of the season the winner of the Top Division is declared as the Champion of his country and there can be no further promotion. The winner of the Top division secures the place for the Champions League (a direct place or a place in the qualifications) but in some countries the number two and number three team in the top division also have a place in the Champions League and that depending on your countries top division DH rating.

Division Hardness

All Leagues have their Division Hardness or DH.

Division Hardness alone determines the sponsor income all teams will receive in a certain Division and it is based on the strength of the teams playing in that Division.

Division Hardness is based on the average overall rating of the best 10 players of every team in a certain Division.

Thus, Divisions with a higher DH rating will get more money from sponsor.

The national League points system

For every win in a League match a team gets two pints, for every loss the team gets 1 point. If your team loses a game with a technical result then your team wonโ€™t get any points.

A technical result means for some reason your team was not able to finish the match, either you didnโ€™t put enough players in the tactic for a match or you put too few players so and some of them got injured or fouled out and you were left with only four players.

H2H or Head to Head is a separate table (a sort of mini league) within the League table that determines the place in the League for teams that have the same number of points. It shows the positive and negative score of those teams in their mutual score. If there are more teams tied then the mutual score for all those teams is taken into account and that determines their place in the League.

National Cup

National Cup is planed to be the second national competition. This feature is not yet in the development.