Preseason schedule

Offseason schedule in Season 22

August 18th - Last League game

August 19th - at 07.00 hrs UTC League awards

August 19th and August 21st - Friendly games in offseason. Fatigue is calculated as in season.

August 23rd - Season update โ€“ 10.00 hrs UTC - promotion/relegation, debotification โ€“ after the debotification process players from bot teams will go on the Transfer-market, new league schedule, players aging, players growing, playersโ€™ wages are recalculated, preliminary Division Hardiness is calculated, sponsor contract is generated.

August 24th - The preseason week starts

August 26th, August 28th, and August 30th - Qualification games for the Champions League (for the teams that secured a place in the qualifications round of the Champions League) for all others these dates are open for playing friendly games.

August 30th - 12.00 hrs UTC โ€“ The final Division Hardiness is calculated and the final sponsor contract.

Fatigue will not be reset!

September 1st - 1 Round Season 22


MBT Team