Your team can have the from five (5) to twenty (20) players. You can’t have less than 5 players because fewer players than that and you will not be able to play a match. If you have 20 players you will not be able to place bids to buy new players or promote rookies from the Youth Academy.

There are two ways to add a player to your team:

  • Visiting the transfer-market and buying players either from other teams or finding free agents.
  • Promoting rookies from your youth Academy. You will be able to promote one player from your Youth Academy every week.

To remove a player you can sell or fire him.

One important fact to know is that foreign players have 10% higher salaries than domestic players.

It is advisable to have at least eight (8) players in a team and in a roster for a match. If you take less than 8 players and some of your players get fouled out or injured you end up with only 4 players during the match, the match will be stopped your team will receive a Fine and your opponent will win with a technical match result 20:0. If you take 8 or more players to a game and some of your players get fouled out or injured and you end up with only 4 players during the match then the match will also end with a technical result but you will not receive a Fine.

Simple View

In the Simple View we have all the basic information about a player: Name, Nationality, His Overall rating, Age, Height, Position and his Defensive and Offensive Overall’s. It's used mainly to quickly analyse your team without going into details.

Team Simple View

Advanced View

The Advanced View gives basic information and a complete skillset (Defense, Shooting, Speed, Dribbling, Strength and Post Moves) and Experience. To really understand a player and his potential, Advanced View is a vital feature.

Team Advanced View

Table View

The Table View gives you the option for easy sorting of your players by a certain skill or some other attribute. E.g. to sort them by height, check out the overall level of speed in your team etc. Note: in mobile app Table View is in development.

Team Table View