Team’s weekly training activities are updated twice a week, once on a Monday and once on a Friday, at which times you will get notifications informing you which of your players have improved in their skills.

Players can only improve in skills that are being trained at the moment of the training activities’ update.

It is important to note that the greater the skill being trained, the higher the number of trainings needed for that skill to improve. The difference between 5 and 6 is not the same as between 15 and 16. You will need more trainings for a skill to increase from 15 to 16.

A player will not get to train if he is injured or if the skill being trained is greater than the Training Center’s level.

All players that are not injured will receive training regardless of them having played games or not!

There are two training groups that determine what skill your players will train. A player can be in only one group at the time and he will train the skill that is set for that group. All of your players have to be in one of these groups and every group can train in only one skill at a time. The skills that are set for these groups can be changed at any time and so can the players be transferred from none group to another.


A player’s development can be tracked trough his Training bar where you can see all the trainings he received in your team and when his skill increased.