In MBT we have a free and open market system called transfer market. All users are able to buy any player who is listed on the transfer market and also sell any player who is in their team.

Apart from The Free Agents who got fired from clubs, there are also System Generated Free Agents who have a fixed starting price on The Transfer Market.

You are able to have 20 players at the most at any time in your team.

If you have 20 players, you will not be able to bid for players or promote rookies.

Buying a Player

Transfer Market Search

When looking for a player on the transfer market to make it easier for you to find that exact player you are looking for you have to use the filters on the Transfer Market.

Simple View - This way you can try to find the players with a more general search, the filter here will allow you to search by Nationality, by age, by height, by position, price and by the player’s offensive and defensive overall value.

Advanced View - Allows you to search for players using all the filters mentioned above except the player’s offensive and defensive overall value. In the Advanced View the player’s offensive and defensive value is replaced with the filters that allow you to enter the exact value for every skill.

Biding system

Players listed on the Transfer Market will remain there for 2 (two) days until the end of their deadline.

During this time users can bid for them at any point, but it is only after 2 (two) days that the player will be sold to the highest bidder.

All bids placed in the last 2 (two) minutes extend the deadline for another 2 (two) minutes in order to give time to all interested bidders to respond to an increase in price.

All players you placed bids on will be displayed in your Current Bids page and you will be able to see them there and track their bidding progress up until the moment they are sold.

At the time of the transfer a player’s salary will be recalculated.

What is a Bid-war

Bid-wars happen between users during the last minutes as the deadline for a player that is on the transfer-market draws near. Every bid for a player that is on the transfer-market given in the last minute extends the deadline by two more minutes. Bid wars can extend the players deadline sometimes for hours depending on how many people are interested in a player and how determined they are to get him.

Selling a Player

If you are interested in selling a player you can do this by accessing a player and choosing the option sell. You will see a place where you can enter the asking price for that player and by pressing the button sell the player will be listed on the transfer-market for everybody to see and bid.

All players listed on the transfer-market will stay on the transfer market for two days and in this time if they don’t receive a bid they will return to their team, if he gets a bid then at the end of his deadline he will be transferred to the team that gave the highest bid. 10% of the transfer fee of every player you sell will go to the player’s agent.

If you have bought a player and you want to re-sell him, you will have to wait 30 days for that player’s cooling off period to expire and only then will you be able to list him on the market.

If a player you are selling is in your tactic for a game but he gets sold before the game then he will not play in that game.

Selling a player will cost you 2 Tokens and the reason for this is so people would set more realistic prices for their players instead of filing the market with players that have unrealistically high prices that nobody will pay.

Firing a player does not cost you money or tokens and all fired players end up on the Transfer Market as free agents. Their starting price will be 0 (zero) and it is only if nobody buys them after having spent 2 (two) days on the market that those players get retired.

Preseason Transfer Activity

During the preseason all the teams that become bots will be deleted from the game but players from these teams will not be deleted, they will be sent to the transfer-market. What this means is that in the preseason there will be a lot of activity on the transfer-market because a lot of players will be sent to the market and there will be many good players to choose from going for a lot less than usual.