Your First Season

So you registered an account and got your team and you are wondering what to do next?

One very important thing you need to do is sign your contract for TV Rights, this is very important because this will bring you free Tokens. There are 4 different contracts to sign and you should read them carefully because signing the wrong contract can mean you will lose out on some Tokens. These contracts have last until the end of the week and need to be signed again every Monday so don’t forget to do that.

The next thing you will notice is your team, you will notice that you get 10 players that aren’t very good but fortunately for you the rest of your opponents from your League probably won’t have much stronger teams. What you need to do is set the correct training for your players and make sure they are getting the right training. You can find out more about players skills and training in the Training section.

Once you have done this you can take a look at your League, your team will play League matches every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Make sure you set the Default tactic for your team, this is the tactic your team will play every game unless you set a different tactic for a specific game. It is always preferable to set your tactic for every match and according to your opponent and his playing style.

Now that you have done this you will probably want to visit the transfer market and find new players to strengthen your team and help you achieve your Championship goals. The biggest mistake new players tend to make is to immediately buy new players without paying attention to the players’ salaries. Yes on the transfer market you can find players that are much better than your starting players and yes you can probably buy them very cheaply but can your economy handle this?

What you need to do is visit your economy page and take a look at the money you are getting from your sponsor and how much you are paying your players for their salaries and here you will see how much you can afford to pay any new players. If you immediately buy new players and you start paying more on salaries then you are getting from your sponsor then your team is quickly going to go bankrupt and this is something you should try to avoid at all cost.

Your team will get a starting balance of 80.000 and it is more than enough to for you to buy stronger players on the market but this is something you shouldn’t do right away. When looking at new players pay close attention to their salaries and make sure they will not put a big strain on your economy. Make sure you buy just the players you absolutely need and don’t get carried away.

One very good way of acquiring new players is promoting rookies. Every Monday you will be able to promote a different 15-year-old rookie. Besides having much smaller salaries most rookies will be better than your starting players and since they are very young they will develop much faster than older players. So this is a very viable way of strengthening your team. That is slower but also a safer way of gradually improving your team. If you are impatient and want to make your team stronger right away there is always the transfer market, but always pay close attention to the salaries of the players you want to buy on the market.

One very important thing is to monitor your player's fatigue level if your player's fatigue goes over 100 your player will get a penalty to his performance and an increased chance of injury. You can control how much your players will tire every game with the player’s settings and the number of minutes you let them play. Soft settings will make your players tire less at the cost of their performance and aggressive settings will make your players tire more but it will boost their performance.

On your Club page, you will find the number of fans that make up your fan club.

You Fan club is very important because it determines how many fans will come to watch your games. The primary source of income in MBT is from tickets and the more fans you have the more tickets you will sell. If you win games your fan club will grow, if you lose games your fans will get disappointed and leave but as a beginner, you will be safe from this at least your first season.

Make sure you constantly monitor the number of fans that come to your games as soon as you start filing your Arena it is time to increase your Arena size. But be sure to take small steps, for every seat you will have to pay maintenance costs so an empty seat is just an expense. So as soon as you start filing your starting Arena that has 500 seats increasing it by 300 - 500 seats would be the right way to go.

Also, don’t forget to play Friendly games they are an opportunity for extra income and experience for your players. Friendly games have no competitive vale but serve the purpose to let you test some tactics, make additional income and give some experience to players that usually don’t play in League games. For any questions, you might have there is always the Forum where you can ask anything you want to know about the game.

So you are now on your way of becoming a top-class Manager good luck and don’t forget to have fun on your way to the top.